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Dave and Mike are guests on the Action’s Antidotes Podcast

Updated: Feb 8

by Dave Hiebeler | Jul 29, 2022

From the show notes:

Every business, every owner, every employee has lots of great ideas. The crucial part is how one should nitpick and prioritize their tasks. “Experience” is not getting what you want. You can hire seasoned mentors to avoid making mistakes, period. Hiring trained professionals saves you time, avoids costly errors, and gives you an edge. If you think that doesn’t make a huge difference, think again.

At Align2Compete, you have access to industry experts who could drive you to your fullest potential. Today, we invited Dave Hiebeler and Mike Higgins, co-founders of the organization, to give you a run-through and a clear picture of what they do.

Dave Hiebeler is an Agency Principal at Align2Compete, LLC. He writes about small business marketing, audience strategy, and demand generation. Based in Colorado, Align2Compete is a specialized marketing agency that helps emerging businesses turn strangers into customers. He is also a freelance writer.


Mike Higgins is an Agency Principal at Align2Compete, LLC. For the past 25 years, he has worked in all things digital sales and marketing. Mike also founded Brushfire Sales, which assisted companies in optimizing outbound sales channel efficiencies. As a digital pioneer, he was on the ground floor at MapQuest and Weather Labs, a start-up that the Weather Channel acquired.

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